Review: Scosche Rhythm Pulse Monitor

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Everyone tells you that it’s harder to lose the baby weight second time round, so after baby number two, I’ve enlisted a little help.

We’ve been reviewing the Schosche Rhythm Pulse Monitor (£99.95 from the Apple Store), which allows you to accurately monitor your exercise and daily activities including pulse rate, calories burned, speed, pace, route and distance.

It’s a great looking gadget which you strap onto your forearm, with the monitor against the inside of your arm.  It’s small and lightweight and fits easily under your clothes.

It operates with one button and syncs easily via blue tooth with your  smartphone or tablet – I am using it on my iPhone with the Scosche Rhythm app, downloaded for free from the App Store.  Once you’ve paired the device with your phone and opened the app, a clear, personalised dashboard gives you stats about your workout.  All you do is switch the device on and press start in the app.  What’s great is that you can also stream music wirelessly with it.

At the end of your workout you can see how many calories you’ve burned and various stats about your pulse rate.  I was amazed to see that the 20 minute round trip to school each morning is burning 250 calories!  Because you can see the calories clocking up as you go, it’s a great incentive to work harder.

You can enter your own activities, such as the 30 Day Shred DVD that I’m currently doing.  Choose your own workout each time you press start and record the details of your own workouts.  You can add details to the calendar and keep track of your progress and weight loss.  It’s a great way to motivate you to set a goal and stick at it.

So far, I’ve lost a stone of baby weight – I have another to go but I feel good about what I’ve achieved so far in three months!

We were sent the Scosche Rhythm Pulse Monitor to review. I stick to the bloggers with integrity code to post honest, open reviews.

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