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Today I made a small discovery while spending a penny in an Oxfordshire loo. A piece of art, mounted by the soap dispenser above the sink, with a label saying ‘LIKE IT TAKE IT’. So that’s what I did.

I felt a bit naughty – another user of the facilities was watching me like a hawk. So I studied it intently until she left, not wanting to meet her gaze. And then, like a naughty child I took it. Well, it invited me to, so I did – it was like the Alice in Wonderland bottle saying ‘drink me’ – how could you not?

Once back out in the open air I studied my find more closely – the reverse of the label read ‘ ART IN TOILETS‘ and I realised I had become a part of something very cool. This piece of art was found in the ladies portacabin toilets at Yarnton Nurseries near Oxford courtesy of Abingdon based Nick Austin. The back of the canvas frame also held two ‘Art in Toilets’ wrist bands which Nick himself had made. You can visit the Art in Toilets Facebook page to see the full extent of his creative quest.


So having found myself the lucky recipient of this art (which will take pride of place in our loo at home), I’ve purchased a blank canvas and am brainstorming what to do with it. Then I’ll find a suitable public toilet home for it and leave it with a ‘LIKE ME TAKE ME’ tag and see what happens.

Nick seems quite happy with the idea that I’m going to jump onto his bandwagon. Why don’t you have a go too – I know lots of you are super creative.


“The secret to humor is surprise.”
― Aristotle



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  1. So you spend a penny and get a work of art! Genius! I wonder how many other people saw it and didn’t take it?

    • I know I wondered that! Couldn’t believe I got to take it! Local artist seems such an interesting guy too

  2. Reblogged this on artintoilets.

  3. How fabulous! Such a different idea! I hope you share what you decide to do with your canvas!

  4. […] Back in March I was delighted to discover a piece of free art in the toilets of a local garden centre. I had discovered Art in Toilets. […]

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