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About a month ago two things happened.  I purchased a second hand pushchair – a little light weight stroller for the nursery run.  And I received an email from Grubby Buggy.  I didn’t even really need to read the content as the name said it all.  And I knew I needed to try it out.

The buggy I purchased was in good condition, but was definitely pre-loved.  It was in a far better state than many of the pushchairs Grubby Buggy receive to work their magic on but I was still excited to see the results.  They basically transform pushchairs from the milk splatted, biscuit encrusted, mud stained messes that we get them into, back to something close to what they once were.  You can see some of the worst offenders on the Grubby Buggy Facebook page.

Buggy 3

You can also see how ours faired here.  I was really impressed with the fact that they black the wheels again, and the logos on the sides of the buggy were gleaming white.  For people looking to sell a second-hand buggy it’s well worth doing to get the top price.


Buggy 1



Buggy 2

If you’re in a rush don’t worry, collected, cleaned and returned in 48 hours.  Not bad.

Prices start from £3 for a rain cover, up to £90 for a three in one pushchair, carry cot and carseat.  Delivery is free if you’re local to Gloucester but chargeable for other parts of the UK.

I thought the service was really good.  You would need to weigh up the value of the buggy with your needs – if you were looking to buy a new one because you’re was so filthy it would be well worth it as a clean would be a fraction of the cost of a new buggy.

Explore the Facebook page and website for more info.

We were lucky enough to have our pushchair cleaned for free in return for a review.  I stick to the bloggers with integrity code to post honest and open reviews.

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