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Welcome to Baby Genie, thank you for coming to visit!

Breaking News! After a long struggle (2.5 years in total) we’re delighted to announce that baby Sully arrived safe and well on December 1st much to the delight of his big brother, Bear.

So, I like it here, this is my little jotter – a place where I can ask questions, share stories, ponder goings on and the like. It’s also somewhere that I review parenting and family related things. You’ll find me writing about cooking, gardening, home-making, fashion, socialising, films, and also conversations I’ve had with people and thinks that make me stop and think. I don’t do book reviews as a rule – I prefer a fashion magazine to a novel.

Because there aren’t any magic formulas, secrets to success, or lamps we can rub to get the answers to those niggling parenting related matters, I decided to document my life as a busy ex to do list obsessed mum – as well as wife to my soul mate and hilarious husband, plus owner of a small but blossoming PR company.

Life is good. Life is often fraught, frantic and involves regular supermarket sweep style trolley dashes to get around the aisles pre-toddler meltdown, as well as cleaning (lovingly prepared home made) macaroni cheese from the floor, walls and ceiling. But life is good.

Baby Genie is a fun, honest and lighthearted look at my life with Bear now four and a half and baby Sully. Oh and my long suffering husband of course.

The bear mainly likes…


Bin trucks

Tom & Jerry

Pink Lady Apples

(deleted sharks, slopes and tractors which no longer seem to be in favour).

Sully mainly likes…

His muslin


Bath time

My blog has been active since April 2009. Being a writer is really important to me – although not as important as surviving the bedtime routine without monkeys bouncing on the bed induced nose bleeds, and having a nice bottle of Malbec in the kitchen…open.

If I find products that I really like then I’ll tell you about them, It’s amazing how many baby related gadgets you never imagined you would need but quite happily fill your house with because they all serve a purpose – making mum a calmer, happier and friendlier (all important if you want to keep your social circle intact).

Sometimes companies send products to review, it’s a lovely perk of being a blogger. I have a little pledge (very important…again not as important as some things such as those mini snack size Jammy Dodgers). If I’m lucky enough to receive something from the postman and I like it, I tell you about it. But I don’t want to fall out with the postman, so accepting offers of goodies all the time is a no-no as he can’t carry a lot, he’s no spring chicken and I’m pretty sure he’s shrinking.

We also donate toys to our nursery and local children’s centre.

Enjoy Baby Genie, and I always love to hear from you, so post your comments on posts you have found useful.

Lots of love,

Catherine , little baby Bear and tiny Sully x

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  1. Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow! 🙂

  2. […] about me […]

  3. Hi, nice to meet you !

  4. Hi hun just wanted to say I love your blog and your ‘about me’ page is so warm and welcoming I can tell immediately you blog from the heart. Look forward to reading more. Take care xx

    • Thank you lovely, welcome, welcome! Lovely to have you xx

  5. Such a wonderful intro in your about page. Had us both giggling over our glass of rose this eve. You hereby have one (two… as we write our blog together) more follower!

    • Welcome along, why thank you ladies!

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