Being a mummy blogger has opened up a huge, warm and friendly world to me and I’m always really happy to chat to people who are a part of it – other bloggers, brands, press, PRs….it’s good to talk.

If you need more than 140 there’s that old dinosaur called email…

Drop me a note:

Or call me so you know I am an actual real person: 01235 202284



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  1. Just enquiring about swim lessons for my nearly 4 year old daughter. We live in Wakefield. Do you have any in Wakefield and is there a waiting list. What is the cost for your lessons?.
    Thanks Elaine Booth

    • Hi Elaine

      Was it the Puddle Ducks lessons you were interested in? This is their website but I can’t see any classes near to Wakefield I’m afraid.


  2. Check out the Water Babies website, we have lessons near you.

  3. Hey Catherine. Just read the article in the Daily Mail about going back to your roots and I just had to come over and tell you how great it looks! Well done!!
    Best wishes

    • Ah thank you for coming over, I really appreciate it, had loads of new visitors today, I feel very honoured!!!!

  4. just wanted to say a humongous thank you for choosing me as your tommee tippee winner, my sil is due her 3rd baby this month so the prize is going to her. and she is thrilled to bits with it, as was i when it arrived. thanks again and keep up your good blog xx

  5. Did you have any luck finding out where that Jubilee Moustache jumper was from!? I am desperate for it!! haha. Thanks!! xxx

    • No luck at all, will keep hunting though, want a kids one for three year old too!

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