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I posted last week about my stuff getting me down – surrounded by clothes that don’t fit, excessive amounts of baby stuff, an overload of kitchen equipment and a garage stacked high with junk.

It’s time to do something – and that post stood out to one person in particular; someone who has become a driving force behind making this happen – the lovely Becca at Becca Lou Creates.

So, welcome – this is officially the start of #declutterday – want a piece of the action?!

What your problem is

Like me, you accumulate stuff.  You only feel satisfied if your day includes a purchase – or two, or three.  It might simply be groceries (including a new body scrub, baking tray or set of Sharpie pens).  It could be clothes – usually impulse purchases, or it could be car boot bargains that you don’t really need and only bought because of the ridiculously low price.  That’s my ultimate weakness – second hand steals.

Because of your constant accumulating, your house is overloaded.  On a daily basis you are reminded of the mounting piles of useless tat, mistake purchases and things you really need to part with.  The satisfaction you feel from buying what feel like treats at the time is far outweighed by the lurching feeling you get when you come down the stairs to see another corner festering with junk.

What you need to do.

Get on board with us – we’ve set ourselves a challenge – it’s called #declutterday – it’s a weekly event, every Thursday.  Your challenge is to get rid of at least five things from your bulging house each week.

How to do it

Use any means possible to relive the pressure on your overloaded home – bring peace and harmony through space – clear house, clear mind.

Here are some of my favourites:

How to sell and give away stuff

– Gumtree – great for low value items that people need quickly and are searching for.  The best bit, it’s totally free, people collect so no trips to the post office.

– Ebay – good for slightly higher value items and clothes (especially maternity); things that are easy to post.  Try Gumtree first and then move onto eBay.

– Facebook groups – there are loads of great Facebook groups to sell items, especially children’s and baby items.

– Charity shops – stop hoping that you’ll get some money eventually for that Karen Millen dress.  If you haven’t in three years, it’s for a reason.  Give it to charity.  Or give it to a friend.  You’ll feel good for it.

– The tip – last resort, take it to the dump.  There’s just some stuff that you can’t even give away.  These days most things can be recycled.

My #declutterday challenge

I tried and failed for the entire week to kick start my #declutterday challenge.  I kept accumulating more stuff and sneaking it into the house – a cute jacket from a charity shop for me, a few more Penguin books (my latest collecting obsession), and various other ‘must have’ items that I simply felt I needed.

And then I gave myself a shake and got started.  Here’s what I did.


Left: A complete declutter of my wardrobe.  Things I haven’t worn for years, things that don’t fit, are too short, don’t suit me – you name it.  All ready for a frock swapping event at a local wine bar tonight.  The event includes pampering, what more could I want?  Yes, I will be swapping clothes for more clothes, but at least I’ll come home with new garments that I want to wear.

Right: Hangers.  Boring, yes; far too many, yes.  Straight into the recycling.


Left: a gorgeous leather bag from Boden now listed on eBay.  I love this bag but I don’t use it – it’s too big and deep and I can never find anything in it.  Bye beautiful bag.

Right: Baby carrier.  Show me a woman who can carry a six month old baby on her front, look good, not get back ache and not sweat profusely.  It doesn’t work for me – am happy with my Stokke Xplory – a baby should be pushed not carried.  Listed on Gumtree.


Left: Barbecue – it was destined for the tip when I bought a new one for husband for our wedding anniversary (to make up for forgetting it); but I stuck it on Gumtree for £20 and a lovely couple came and got it today.  I was late home and they were waiting for me so I gave them iced cordial to try and make up for it.

Right: Coca Cola tins.  I got these from a car boot sale in a moment of ‘I must collect Coca Cola stuff, it’s valuable’ haze.  I don’t need them.  They’re now on eBay.


Finally, a HUGE bag of horrid, why did I ever buy them type clothes for the charity shop.

So, if my items sell, I will have done pretty well in my first week.  Next week, a progress update!

Want to join in?

Get to work folks.  Post your first #declutterday post next Thursday and you can add the badge to your blog too – here’s the link!

Ultimately, you’ll feel good – your house will be clutter free, as will your mind.  Enjoy!


Bag of stuff in, bag out – the continuous organisation of a household

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It struck me today in a particularly mammoth bout of house reorganisation, that there is a constant stream of stuff coming in, and going out. Anyone else?

I don’t just mean food shopping coming in, and rubbish going out, I mean a constant cycle of buying, selling, recycling and donating.

On many a morning when I leave for work, I sling a bag of old children’s clothes in the boot for the local Help for Heroes charity shop, or a sack of plastic and cardboard for junk modelling at school (it’s good for the soul, right?  Ok, so it’s my junk modelling stuff that I never find time to do anything creative for our three year old with).

Likewise I often return home with not only food shopping, but a new bath mat, a bit of makeup, new shoes for Bear; the list goes on.  You can always find something that you can’t possibly live without.  I sometimes stand in a shop with something in my hand saying to myself ‘I do definitely need this, it will make me happy’.  Um….

And on top of that, I seem to be constantly finding new ways to keep things tidy – better storage boxes, a more logical cupboard to put something in, or general archiving of winter clothes, old photos and ‘I may fit back into/need that sometime’ type things.  My husband is constantly frustrated – the spot where his contact lenses live changes at least once a month.  Not good when you can’t see anyway.

But the sense of satisfaction is huge.  Please tell me I’m not alone.  It’s like cleansing.  Although today’s effort became so big, with the dismantling of a wardrobe and relocation of a dressing table, the house looks like we’re part way through moving in (or out).  But still, it feels good.

I should disclose at this point that I’m 14 weeks pregnant, so a large part of the above could be attributed to nesting, however I have always been like this, since a small child.  I recall, and I’m sure my mum will too, spending hours in my room arranging my knickknacks on shelves, setting them up proudly, almost like a shop window.  I actually went on to do work experience as a window dresser at Debenhams – I applied for Liberty’s but alas there were no openings.  It’s a career I sometimes wish I had pursued.

My saving grace in all of this has been my latest discovery (yes most new discoveries become an obsession for a short amount of time – but why do things by half?) – Gumtree.

How did I not know about Gumtree sooner?!  I have pretty much cleared out the garage – car seats, trikes, buggies, a desk, a pair of curtains – the wardrobe that had to be dismantled today.  So when you’re racking up twenty quid here and fifty quid there, then there really is no reason why I should be arriving home with nice, shiny new things – right?

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